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PhD graduates

Name Year Title of the thesis
Geisinger, Alissa
2018 The entropy in the Kac model
Gilg, Steffen
2017 Effective Equations in Mathematical Quantum Mechanics
Linden, Ulrich 2017 Energy estimates for the two-dimensional Fermi polaron
Wünsch, Andreas
2017 Self-Adjointness and Domain of a Class of Generalized Nelson Models
Ruszkowski, Bartosch
2017 Spectral and Hardy Inequalities for the Heisenberg Laplacian
Deuchert, Andreas
2016 Contributions to the mathematical study of BCS theory
Haag, Stefan 2016 The Adiabatic Limit of the Connection Laplacian with Applications to Quantum Waveguides
Seyrich, Jonathan
2016 Numerical Integrators for Physical Applications
Brumm, Bernd
2016 A Fast Matrix-Free Algorithm for Spectral Approximations to High-Dimensional Partial Differential Equations
Schmid, Jochen
2015 Adiabatic theorems for general linear operators and well-posedness of linear evolution equations
von Keler, Johannes
2015 Mean Field Limits in Strongly Confined Systems
Bräunlich, Gerhard
2014 Mathematical Aspects of the BCS Theory of Superconductivity and Related Theories