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Information Day for Female Students 2014

Information Day for Female Students 2014

21. November 2014; Katja Stefanie Engstler

Participans of the Information Day 2014 and PhD Students

On November the 7th we had in Stuttgart the second PhD information day for female students. We informed about the pros and cons of pursuing a PhD in mathematics in general and about the PhD program of the research training group in particular. Guest scientist Prof. Simone Warzel (LMU) gave an inspiring talk about adiabatic quantum computing and Profs. Griesemer and Teufel reported about their present research activities. Prof. Weidl argued that the quantization of action, discovered by Planck more than 100 years ago, is here to stay and that the research training group is the place to learn about the mathematics that emerged from it. Last but not least, two PhD students, Bernd Brumm and Steffen Gilg, shared with us pictures and cultural experiences from their research stays in Kingston (CA) and Amherst (USA), respectively.

In the social part following the talks we relished marvelous food from a local restaurant and on the day after, Saturday November 8, the non-local participants enjoyed a guided walking tour through the sunny city center where they learned about its history and the smells associated with it.