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Guided tour through Physics Lab of Prof. Tilman Pfau

Guided tour through Physics Lab of Prof. Tilman Pfau

11. Juli 2014; Katja Stefanie Engstler/Prof. Marcel Griesemer

Prof. Tilman Pfau

On July 3rd of 2014 the members of the research training group were invited to visit a laboratory of the 5th physical institute of the University of Stuttgart. The head of the institute, Prof. Tilman Pfau, gave a short beamer presentation of his institute and the various research projects running in his labs. These include works on dipolar quantum gases, strongly interacting Rydberg atoms, and novel sources of matter. Prof. Pfau then showed us the laboratory for dipolar quantum gases and he explained us some of the experimental challenges they meet, like cooling a gas of Dysprosium atoms from one thousand kelvin down to a few microkelvin with the help of strong laser beams only.