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Contributed Talks:


Titel and Abstract:

 Sabine Bögli Schrödinger operator with non-zero accumulation points of complex eigenvalues
 Magda Khalile  Eigenvalues of a Robin Laplacian on infinite sectors
 Alissa Geisinger Persistence of Translational Symmetry in the BCS Model with radial pair interaction
 Niels Benedikter On the Geometric Approach to Effective Evolution Equations 
 Marco Falconi External Potentials Generated by the Interaction with a Semiclassical Field
 Hans- Konrad Knörr On the adiabatic theorem when eigenvalues dive into the continuum

Poster Session:

Poster Presentation:   Tuesday, April 4 and Thursday, April 6 at 14 - 14:30 Uhr - Meetingroom 38.03


Titel of Poster:

Hanne van den Bosch Spectral gaps of Dirac operators for graphene quantum dots
Emanuela Laura Giacomelli Surface Superconductivity in Presence of Corners
Daniele Dimonte Vortices Dynamics in a Bose-Einstein Condensate starting from the Many Body Theory
Per von Soosten Optimal Stability under Dyson Brownian Motion
Giulia Basti Efimov effect for a three-particle system with two identical fermions
Maximilian Duell Scattering of Atoms in Relativistic QED without Herbst-type Spectral Conditions 
Lucrezia Cossetti Spectral stability of Lamé operators with subordinated complex potentials
Andreas Deuchert A lower bound for the BCS functional with boundary conditions at infinity
Malte Behr Singularities of the wave trace for manifolds with gliding rays
Thomas Moser Stability of a fermionic N+1 particle system with point interactions