This image shows Katja Stefanie Engstler

Katja Stefanie Engstler

Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH)

Administration Office - IADM and Chair for Analysis and Modeling
Institute of Analysis, Dynamics und Modeling
Chair for Analysis and Modeling


Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 8.521

Office Hours

by appointment

Interview with Katja Stefanie Engstler on the "Forms and Forces" tour


A mathematical-physical walk to art

In ten stations, the tour shoots mathematical and physical phenomena by means of the artworks on campus - around the S-Bahn station. The tour can be accessed via the website [DE].

In collaboration with Prof. Markus Stroppel and Dr. Marc Scheffler.

The booklet as PDF [DE]

Broschüre Formen und Kräfte_1

Coordination and contact person for the Collection of mathematical models at the Department of Mathematics.

A short insight into the collection can be found in the brochure "Fascination of Mathematics" (PDF [DE]). Printed copies are available on request.


Contact for the Collection Network of the University of Stuttgart

The brochure"Schaustücke" (PDF [DE]) shows the wide range of collections at the University of Stuttgart.


In the lecture series ''Math Power! Mathematics in Practice'', companies that apply mathematics or mathematical methods in different areas present themselves.

Inquiries are welcome.

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  • Stroppel M., Scheffler M., Engstler K.S. (2022) Formen und Kräfte : ein mathematisch-physikalischer Gang zur Kunst auf dem Campus Vaihingen. Universität Stuttgart
  • Wiatrowski, F., Engstler, K. S., Krause K. (2022) Bit-Archäologie - 25 Jahre Computermuseum der Informatik. Univeristät Stuttgart.
  • Wiatrowski, F., Engstler, K. S., Ressel, W., Ceranski, B., & Rambach, C. (2022). Schaustücke : Einblicke in wissenschaftliche Sammlungen der Universität Stuttgart. Universität Stuttgart.
  • Wiatrowski, F., Wackerow, A., Schwahn, P., & Witt, F. (2020). Faszination Mathematik : ein Einblick in die Sammlung mathematischer Modelle am Fachbereich Mathematik (K. S. Engstler, Ed.). Fachbereich Mathematik der Universität Stuttgart.

Coordination DFG funded Research Training Group 1838
Spectral Theory and Dynamics of Quantum Systems
University of Stuttgart / University of Tübingen - 2013 - 2019
Spokesperson: Prof. Marcel Griesemer

Conference Spectral Days 2017
University of Stuttgart, 03-07.04.20217

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