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Research conducted at the Institute of Analysis, Dynamics and Modeling:


The institute is affliated with the Excellence-Cluster "Simulation Technolog of the University of Stuttgart and the SFB 1173 "Wave phenomena"at the KIT Karlsruhe.


Research fields

Prof. TeknD
T. Weidl

Spectral theory, Mathematical physics
Prof. Dr.
G. Schneider

Nonlinear partial differential equations, Diffusive and dispersive dynamics, Multi-scale problems in mathematical modelling

  • CRC 1173/3- Projekt A12: Dynamics of the Gross–Pitaevskii equation and related dispersive equations
  • SimTech-Project: Effective uncertainty quantification and ANN dynamics via amplitude equations
Prof. Dr.
M. Griesemer


Dynamics and spectral theory of many-particle quantum systems, Variational methods in quantum mechanics


  • DFG-Project: GR 3213/4-1 Mathematische Probleme der nichtrelativistischen Quantenelektrodynamik
Prof. Dr.
W.-P. Düll


Nonlinear partial differential equations, Mathematical fluid mechanics, Justification of approximation equations, Multi-scale methods in mathematical modelling


  • DFG-Project: DU 1198/2-3:NLS Approximation
Prof. Dr. 
J. Wirth

Analysis of partial differential equations, Operator theory, Harmonic analysis in Rn and on Lie groups
Priv.-Doz. Dr.
P. Lesky

Partial differential equations, Spectral theory for self-adjoint operators, Energy estimates for solutions of nonlinear wave equations


Date Title Name
2024 Singular limits in KGZ systems and the DNLS approximation in case of quadratic nonlinearities Raphael Taraca
2024 Long wave approximation over and beyond the natural time scale Sarah Hofbauer
2023 On the uniqueness of the Calderón Problem and its application in Electrical Impedance Tomography Ivan Mira Pombo
2023 Existence and non-existence of breather solutions on necklace graphs Tobias Kielwein
2022 Mathematische Modellierung von wellenoptischer Absorption beim Laserschneiden Maximilian Klumpp
2022 On two Problems for the Stark Laplacian on domains Jan Köllner
2022 From Short-Range to Contact Interactions in Many-Body Quantum Systems Michael Hofacker
2022 Quantization of Algebras Defined by Ultradifferentiable Group Actions Jonas Brinker
2021 Absence of the Efimov Effect in Dimensions One and Two Simon Barth
2021 Invasion phenomena in pattern-forming systems admitting a conservation law structure Bastian Hilder
2020 Virtual Levels of Multi-Particle Quantum Systems and Their Implications for the Efimov Effect Andreas Bitter
2020 On the Eigenvalues of the Non-Self-Adjoint Robin Laplacian on Bounded Domains and Compact Quantum Graphs Robin Lang
2019 Validity of the nonlinear Schrödinger approximation for quasilinear dispersive systems Max Heß
2019 Nonlinear phenomena on metric and discrete necklace graphs Daniela Maier
2019 Amplitude Equations for Boussinesq and Ginzburg-Landau-like Models Tobias Haas
2017 Effective Equations in Mathematical Quantum Mechanics Steffen Gilg
2017 WEB-Spline Approximation and Collocation for Singular and Time-Dependent Problems Florian Martin
2017 Energy estimates for the two-dimensional Fermi polaron Ulrich Linden
2017 Self-Adjointness and Domain of a Class of Generalized Nelson Models Andreas Wünsch
2017 Spectral and Hardy Inequalities for the Heisenberg Laplacian Bartosch Ruszkowski
2016 Failure of Amplitude Equations Danish Ali Sunny
2016 The KdV and Whitham limit for a spatially periodic Boussinesq model Roman Bauer
2015 Adiabatic theorems for general linear operators and wellposedness of linear evolution equations Jochen Schmid
2015 Singular problems in quantum and elastic waveguides via Dirichlet-to-Neumann analysis André Hänel
2014 The validity of the Nonlinear Schrödinger approximation in higher space dimensions Alina Hermann
2014 Justification of an approximation equation for the Benard-Marangoni problem Dominik Zimmermann
2013 Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations of the extrinsic pro-apoptotic signaling pathway Markus Daub
Date Title Name
2017 On the behaviour of the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Laplacian and related operators James Kennedy

Decoupling techniques for partial differential equations and the large time behavior of their solutions

Jens Wirth

Justification of Approximation Equations for Pattern Forming Systems and for Water Waves

Wolf-Patrick Düll

Spectral properties of Schrödinger operators

Hynek Kovarik

Concentrated patterns in biological systems

Matthias Winter
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