Research Group on Differntial Equations

Institute of Analysis, Dynamics and Modeling

at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Stuttgart

The Research Group of Differential Equations at the Institute of Analysis, Dynamics and Modeling is headed by Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Lienstromberg since April 2022.

Research fields:

Applied Analysis
  • Partial differential equations
  • Free boundary value problems
  • Modelling and analysis of non-Newtonian thin fluid films
  • Modelling and analysis of MEMS


Analysis and numerics of nonlinear PDEs: degeneracies & free boundaries

03 - 07 July 2023, at the Lorentz Center, Leiden,The Netherlands

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This image shows Christina Lienstromberg

Christina Lienstromberg

Jun.-Prof. Dr.

Professor - Head of Research Group on Differential Equations

This image shows Elke Peter

Elke Peter


Administration Office - Chair for Analysis and Mathematical Physics

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