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Christina Lienstromberg

Jun.-Prof. Dr.

Professor - Head of Research Group on Differential Equations
Institute of Analysis, Dynamics and Modeling
Head of Research Group on Differential Equations


+49 711 685 65523

Business card (VCF)

Pfaffenwaldring 57
70569 Stuttgart
Room: 8.560

Office Hours

E-mail me for appointments and inquiries using.

Research field: Applied Analysis

  • Partial differential equations and free-boundary value problems
  • Modelling and analysis of non-Newtonian thin fluid films
  • Rimming flows
  • Data-driven fluid dynamics

  1. With P. Gladbach & J. Jansen: Non-Newtonian thin-film equations: global existence of solutions, gradient-flow structure and guaranteed lift-off, arXiv: 2301.10300, 2023.
  2. With S. Schiffer & R. Schubert: A data-driven approach to viscous fluid mechanics -- the stationary case, to appear in Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, arXiv:2207.00324, 2023.
  3. With J. Jansen & K. Nik: Long-time behaviour and stability for quasilinear doubly degenerate parabolic equations of higher order; SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, arXiv:2204.08231, 2023.
  4. With J. J. L. Velázquez: Long-time asymptotics and regularity estimates for weak solutions to a doubly-degenerate  thin-film equation in the Taylor-Couette setting, arxiv:2203.00075, 2022.
  5. With O. Assenmacher & G. Bruell: Non-Newtonian two-phase thin-film problem: Local existence, uniqueness, and stability; Comm. PDE 47, pp. 197--232, 2021.
  6. With T. Pernas-Castaño & J. J. L. Velázquez: Analysis of a two-fluid Taylor-Couette flow with one non-Newtonian fluid; J. Nonlinear Sci. 32, 2021.
  7. With J. Escher, P. Knopf & B.-V. Matioc: Stratified periodic water waves with singular density gradients. Ann. Mat. Pura Appl. 199, pp. 1923–1959, 2020.
  8. With Stefan Müller: Local strong solutions to a quasilinear degenerate fourth-order thin-film equation. NoDEA. 27, 2020.
  9. With J. Escher: Travelling waves in dilatant non-Newtonian thin films; J. Differential Equations 264, pp. 2113–2132, 2018.
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  16. A free boundary value problem modelling microelectromechanical systems with general permittivity. Nonlinear Anal. Real World Appl. 25, pp. 190–218, 2015

Simulation Technology Project PN 3-13 "A Data-Driven Approach to Viscous Fluid Dynamics"

as part of the Cluster of Excellence EXC 2075 „Data-Integrated Simulation Science“.


Analysis and Numerics on Nonlinear PDEs:
Degenaries & Free Boundaries
03.-07.07.2023 - Lorentz Center Leiden

International Conference on Data-Integrated Simulation Science (SimTech2023)
04.-06.10.2023 - Universität Stuttgart


27.02.-03.03.2023 Dr. Richard Schubert (Universität Bonn)
26.02.-05.03.2023 Dr. Stefan Schiffer (MPI Leipzig)
27.01.-04.02.2023  Dr. Jonas Jansen (Lund University)
26.01.-04.02.2023 Dr. Katerina Nik (Universität Wien)
22.-29.01.2023 Dr. Stefan Schiffer (MPI Leipzig)
08.-14.01.2023 Dr. Jonas Jansen (Lund University)
08.-11.2023 Dr. Gabriele Brüll (Lund University)
01.-02.12.2022 Dr. Richard Schubert (Universität Bonn)
20.05.2022 Dr. Richard Schubert (Universität Bonn)


Long-Time Behaviour of Solutions to Non-Newtonian Thin-Film Equations,
PDE-Seminar in Delft, 03.11.2022

Long-Time Behaviour of Solutions to Non-Newtonian Thin-Film Equations, Conference "Recent Trends in Fluid Mechanics" at ICMAT Madrid, 26.09.2022

Long-Time Behaviour of Solutions to Non-Newtonian Thin-Film Equations,
Group seminar der "AG Nichtlineare Partielle Differentialgleichungen" at Karlsruhe, 17.05.2022

Research seminar "Seminar on PDE in the Sciences" in Bonn, 08.04.2022

Winter Term 2023/2024



  • Summer Term 2023: Einführung in die Partiellen Differentialgleichung
  • Winter Term 2022/23: Analytic semigroups and parabolic evolution equations
  • Summer Term 2022: Strongly continuous semigroups and hyperbolic evolution equations.


  • Summer 2022: Thin-film flows with non-trivial dynamics (Masterseminar)


  • A justification of the thin-film approximation for the Stokes flow (2023)
  • Global Weak Solutions to the Ellis Thin-Film Equation (2022)
  • A free-boundary problem for the Newtonian thin-film equation with mobilities hn, n (1, 2) and some aspects on the non-Newtonian case (2022)
  • Non-Newtonian two-phase thin-film problems; Local Existence, uniqueness and stability (2021)
  • Transport-Reaction Models (2021)
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